5 Simple Tips for Managing Your Smartphone Usage

Managing smartphone using is one important task you need to perform every day so that you can distribute your time equally for all important things in life. If you are one of those users who stay glued to his device then it becomes more important to you. To reduce your smartphone addiction and manage your device usage, we have discussed some effective steps here.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps: Try this beginner’s step to get instant and effective results. Here, you need to sift through your device storage to find and delete all unnecessary apps. It may include those apps that you have installed long back and stopped using for while or other apps that you don’t find useful. It may also include bloatware. Here, bloatware comes -pre-installed on your mobile device as manufacturer based apps & programs. The major issue with these items is that you can’t uninstall them directly instead you can disable them so that they don’t consume device resources. Once you uninstall these unnecessary apps & programs, it will not only help you optimize device resources but it will also avoid unnecessary distraction (like notifications, updates etc.) caused by these apps.

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Set network Free Zone: This is one of the most effective steps that help you yield positive results. Here, you can turn off the network to create network free zone at home and office. For example, you can turn off all digital devices in dining area at home or leave meeting room free of mobile devices. These simple steps will not only help you boost your productivity but it will also help you manage your smartphone usage effectively. Now once you are done with dining or meeting, you can enable the network to get all necessary updates on your device and reply to all necessary ones. Following this step, you can spare time for more important things in life.

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Enable Do Not Disturb: Enabling do not disturb is another effective step that helps you prioritize most important things in life away from mobile devices. Here, you can set do not disturb mode on your device and it will not disturb you from any sound or vibration at all until you change the settings. You can enable this mode when concentration is required to do certain things. Once you enable this mode and device will stop bothering you with messages, calls, updates and notifications. Now once you are free, you can disable this mode and reply to all calls & messages and check the notifications.

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Use Advanced Tools: Next in the solutions list is using advanced smartphone usage management tools that help you keep tab on your device usage. These tools work on advanced algorithms to help you monitor and manage your smartphone usage. One such app is Social Fever that is meticulously designed to help manage your mobile usage. It helps you set and track goals for the app and overall device usage. It displays device usage history based on that you can manage your smartphone usage. In addition to that, it also helps you keep your ear & eye health intact. This smart solution works automatically to save your time & efforts.

Turn off Mobile Data While Sleeping: This simple step will not only help you manage your smartphone usage but it will also be beneficial for your health. Here, you should turn off network while going to bed to avoid distraction by unnecessary updates and notifications.

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Conclusion: Some basic behavior changes and using other important steps, you can manage your smartphone usage considerably. Here, we have discussed some of these steps to help you deal with smartphone addiction. If you know more such steps, feel free to comment below.

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