• Rubaitul Azad

    I’m a professional Web , UI , UX IA & Ixd Developer . I love design since i was a small kid. I learned how to program by working on lots of different website projects starting from a pretty young age. So i decide to make my love to my job. I always recommend for people to simply get stuck in and enjoy what they’re doing, and don’t worry too much about the certificates.
  • Ubaid Rather

    Hey, Its me Ubaid Rather who loves brackets and colons more than anything thing in this world. Sounds a little strange but this is what developers like.I am a young guy who has a passion of developing new things,and who has a dream of becoming an entrepruener.And By the Grace of Almighty ALLAH inshallah you will see me one day on the top of the world. My post will be usually about success,and personality.In addition to this i will also post about gadgets and gaming etc...
  • Zunain Khan

    I am a passionate programmer and developer. I am quite young, but my desire to code and bring new ideas to life is something that has been with me since my childhood, and I hope it remains there till my last breath. Apart from this, I am also a Marvel fan, so you'll often see me upload content regarding Marvel movies and comics.