Donut County review — It’s fun to swallow the world with a donut hole

REVIEW: Donut County is a crazy video game where you position a donut hole under objects and they fall into it. The more items you collect, the bigger the donut hole becomes until you can suck whole buildings into it. It reminds me of the Keita Takahashi’s zany 2004 video game Katamari Damacy, where you rolled a giant ball over a bunch of obj…Read More

Rubaitul Azad

I’m a professional Web , UI , UX IA & Ixd Developer . I love design since i was a small kid. I learned how to program by working on lots of different website projects starting from a pretty young age. So i decide to make my love to my job. I always recommend for people to simply get stuck in and enjoy what they’re doing, and don’t worry too much about the certificates.

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