How Troubleshoot your Surface Type Cover or keyboard with these solutions

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  • If your Surface Cover is torn or needs physical repair or replacement, go to Get my Surface fixed.
  • If you have a Surface Keyboard or Surface Ergonomic keyboard, see Troubleshoot problems with Surface Keyboard and Surface Ergonomic Keyboard.

Before you begin

In many cases, downloading and installing the latest updates for Windows and your Surface will fix the issue. To see how, go to Install Surface and Windows updates.

Restart Surface

Restart (don't shut down) your Surface. Select the Start  button, then select Power > Restart.

If you have a Type Cover, detach and reattach it

  1. Unplug your Surface and detach the Cover.
  2. Wet a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. (Use 95% or stronger isopropyl alcohol if possible.) Rub the cotton swab back and forth over the six circular magnets on the Type Cover's connector. After you're done, make sure the pins are dry and that no cotton fibers remain on the connector. Then clean the connector on your Surface.
  3. Reattach the Cover, making sure that all the magnets touch the bottom edge of your Surface.

Reinstall the Surface Cover driver

If shutting down doesn't fix the problem, try reinstalling the driver for your Surface Cover.

  1. Select the search box in the taskbar, enter device manager, and select Device Manager in the results.
  2. Expand Keyboards.
  3. Right-click Surface Type Cover Filter Device.
  4. Select Uninstall > OK.
  5. Restart your Surface. It'll automatically download and install the Surface Cover driver the next time you connect to the Internet.

Force a shut down

See Force a shut down and restart your Surface to find out how.

The keys on my keyboard or Cover don't work, but the touchpad does

Make sure Filter Keys are turned off

If your touchpad works but the keys on your keyboard or Cover don’t, it’s possible an Ease of Access setting, such as Filter Keys, Sticky Keys, or Mouse Keys, may be causing the problem. To learn more, see Make your PC easier to use.

The touchpad doesn't work, but the keys do

Make sure the touchpad is on

You'll need to know what kind of Surface or Type Cover you have in order to check.

If you have one of these CoversAnd one of these Surface modelsAttach the Cover and
Touch Cover 2
Type Cover 2
Power Cover
Type Cover for Surface Pro 3
Surface 3 Type Cover
Type Cover for Surface Pro 4
Surface Pro 4 Type Cover with Fingerprint ID
Surface Pro
Surface Pro 2
Surface Pro 3
Surface 3
Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro

Surface Laptop

Go to Start , and select Settings > Devices > Touchpad.
Touch Cover (early model)
Type) Cover (early model)

Surface Pro Signature Type Cover

Surface Pro
Surface Pro 2
Surface Pro 3
Use the Surface Trackpad Settings app to turn the touchpad on or off and to change most other settings. Its available for free from Microsoft Store.

To help prevent the cursor from moving accidentally while you type, set the delay:
Go to Start , and select Settings > Devices > Touchpad.

The touchpad doesn't respond right away after I've been typing

By default, there's a delay in the touchpads responsiveness while you're using the keyboard that way, if you accidentally brush against the touchpad while you're typing, you won't move the cursor when you didn't mean to. But if you want the touchpad to respond right away (say while you're playing a game or using certain apps), here's how to change the sensitivity.

Select the Start  button and then select Settings > Devices > Touchpad. Under Touchpad sensitivity, select High sensitivity or Most sensitive.

What I type isn't what I see on the screen

Solution 1: Check your keyboard language settings

  1. Select the Start  button, and then select Settings > Time & language > Region & language.
  2. Make sure the language you're using on your keyboard (the input language) matches the one you're using on your PC (the display language). Then select the language, select Options and ensure the correct keyboard layout is added. To make sure your language is available for Windows, check the list of the language packs.
  3. Here's how to add an input language and switch between languages.

Solution 2: Check your Sticky Keys setting

You'll find them in Ease of Access settings. To learn more, see Make your PC easier to use.

I'm having trouble with backlighting or the brightness keys

Adjust the keyboard backlighting

To decrease the backlighting brightness, press the  key on your keyboard. To increase it, press the key.

Nothing on my Type Cover works

Reset your Surface

It will:

  • Remove all your personal settings
  • Remove all apps that you installed
  • Give you the option of keeping or removing your personal files

For more info, see Restore or reset Surface.

The fingerprint reader on my Cover isn't working

If you're having problems with the fingerprint reader on your Surface Pro 4 Type Cover with Fingerprint ID, see Troubleshoot problems with Windows Hello on Surface.

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